Wednesday, 28 March 2012

maybe two posts in one day is eager for my first day but if anyone is reading this i think they should know some more about me.
im pretty screwed up.
in fact i would say im about as screwed up as you can get. i had a pretty great childhood. i have a younger brother and i had two amazing parents who loved me. i had my aunts, my uncles, my cousins and my grandparents. i am from a well off family and i never had to struggle. since the first time i spoke (i was nine months) i was encouraged to study hard because in my family there was nothing more important than education. so i guess its no surprise that im in medical school given that half of my family are also doctors - stereotype or what?!
so what went wrong? why am i more messed up than your average human being, i mean lets face it, i'd say we are a pretty screwed up race.
i love my family, all of them, but the one person in this world who i knew i needed more than anything is my mum.
when i was eight years old, my mum got sick. she was shuffled from hospital to hospital until finally she got the correct diagnosis. CANCER. acute lymphoblastic leukaemia to be specific. i was probably the only eight year old in my class that could spell that but sadly sitting at the table memorising that word did not help me understand what it meant. it also didnt help me to realise that my life as i knew it was over.
i think thats enough for today, and i hope that if you are reading this you are not waiting for a happy ending because there more certainly isnt one.

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  1. nobody else has commented. they probably have no clue what to say and to be totally honest nor do I. you'll never get over it but this is one step towards it. there's a whole community out there that cares, and you're in medicine hopefully making a difference one day soon to other people's life. the feelings you feel and understand will mean you'll get your patients. we're all kinda messed up but you're right you've been a whole lot messed up. they say the only people who would ever enter medicine are those that have been messed up some way or another. so welcome to another family - we're pretty cool guys if I don't say so myself