Saturday, 31 March 2012

Holidays? No thanks i'll take uni!

so i have been home exactly one day and you know what...i dont think i have missed education this much since i was 5!!! yes i get to see my friends from back home and i dont have the pressure of medical school but i really do miss it! and not just the 'fun' by which i mean great nights out and hilarious moments with my friends but ALL OF IT...the hungover mornings, student accomodation, the lectures, the lecturers, and in a way i guess i miss the stress. I guess academic stress is something that you learn to handle but there are certain stresses in life, and when i say this i refer to the f word...FAMILY, that you never really learn to deal with.
I came home yesterday to find out that my brother is a completely different person to who i used to know and in all honesty he's a person that i dont like. im hoping this will change but otherwise i guess thats life.

On a lighter note, i just wanted to take a minute to say that I LOVE THE VOICE. finally a show that genuinely judges people on their voices... and i love the judges as well. they are all so talented but i definetely have a softspot for will i am and jessie j! Since im on the subject of TV i might as well mention BGT. its a shame that its not the show it used to be and i think hiring alesha dixon was the biggest mistake ever...i mean is she really what you would call talented? i havent forgotten 'the boy does nothing' or whatever that horrid song was. on the other hand i cannot emphasis the hilarity that is David Walliams! as always, i can never get bored of simon cowell who i loved since the first time i watched x factor but with his desperation to 'make it' in america, i feel like britain is no longer his priority which is a shame. and finally, i just have to say that ant and dec are possibly my favourite tv personalities EVER! so to finish off this post my song of the day:

Ryan O'Shaughnessy - no name (from BGT)

That is one lucky girl and i really think he could make takes guts to get on that stage and sing your own song, especially one that is so personal. but also...enough with the sob stories on talent shows these days :/

Friday, 30 March 2012

Song of the day:

B.o.B - so good

Cant wait for strange clouds to be released...MAY 1st!!!

medical student hypochondria??

so last night i slept close to 11 hours and yet i woke up feeling totally unrefreshed. this teamed with my inability to stay awake in some lectures has lead me to the conclusion that i have obstructive sleep apnoea. ridiculous i know!
but it turns out that medical student hypochondria is a real thing. as medics we are a crazy bunch, and the number of times ive heard girls who are convinced their anaemic or people with headaches who now believe its a brain tumour... its insane! and yet if you think about it, it makes perfect sense that all day look we see illness, we learn illness, we study symptoms and naturally we start to interpret what is really just a cold as pneumonia!
i just want to point out that i know this is a serious problem for some students and im not trivialising it but i think in medicine, if you are too serious all the time, you are just going to end up depressed...and this is coming from me!
so to any older medics out there ... do we eventually stop behaving like this or does it jsut get worse as we start our clinical years?

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Who says sunshine isn't a drug?

So I'm lying in a field writing up my latest essay because yes medical school is not a walk in the park and I though how lucky am I ... Maybe it is the sunshine but today is just one of those surreal days where you take a step back and for a moment, everything is just as it should be. I've decided that today there is no need to be depressed but instead I'm going to be grateful about the fact that I'm at medical school, I have great friends and I haven't been this happy in a long time. If you'd asked me this time last year I would never have guessed that I would be remotely happy but things have definetely got better. If there are any aspiring medics out there, I don't know if this applies to all med schools, but I have never enjoyed education so much. Medical school is truly a dram come true and it is better than even I cod have imagined. Song of the day: Labrinth - let the sunshine

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My best friend and i send each other our song of the day every day. well, not every day anymore but i think if your reading this blog then you should get to know to.

Song of the Day:

Pitterpat - Erin McCarley
maybe two posts in one day is eager for my first day but if anyone is reading this i think they should know some more about me.
im pretty screwed up.
in fact i would say im about as screwed up as you can get. i had a pretty great childhood. i have a younger brother and i had two amazing parents who loved me. i had my aunts, my uncles, my cousins and my grandparents. i am from a well off family and i never had to struggle. since the first time i spoke (i was nine months) i was encouraged to study hard because in my family there was nothing more important than education. so i guess its no surprise that im in medical school given that half of my family are also doctors - stereotype or what?!
so what went wrong? why am i more messed up than your average human being, i mean lets face it, i'd say we are a pretty screwed up race.
i love my family, all of them, but the one person in this world who i knew i needed more than anything is my mum.
when i was eight years old, my mum got sick. she was shuffled from hospital to hospital until finally she got the correct diagnosis. CANCER. acute lymphoblastic leukaemia to be specific. i was probably the only eight year old in my class that could spell that but sadly sitting at the table memorising that word did not help me understand what it meant. it also didnt help me to realise that my life as i knew it was over.
i think thats enough for today, and i hope that if you are reading this you are not waiting for a happy ending because there more certainly isnt one.
ive never done this before and i dont really know what im doing but im going to give it a try. i am eighteen years old and i am a first year medical student. i guess im writing this blog because i want someone somewhere to know who i am. not what my name is or what i look like but who i am. i dont even know if anyone will ever read this but i have stories to share and thats what i plan to do.
i guess thats all for now except that i thought i should explain my blog title - brand new ending.
so heres the quote i hope to live by from now on:
"though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending."