Saturday, 31 March 2012

Holidays? No thanks i'll take uni!

so i have been home exactly one day and you know what...i dont think i have missed education this much since i was 5!!! yes i get to see my friends from back home and i dont have the pressure of medical school but i really do miss it! and not just the 'fun' by which i mean great nights out and hilarious moments with my friends but ALL OF IT...the hungover mornings, student accomodation, the lectures, the lecturers, and in a way i guess i miss the stress. I guess academic stress is something that you learn to handle but there are certain stresses in life, and when i say this i refer to the f word...FAMILY, that you never really learn to deal with.
I came home yesterday to find out that my brother is a completely different person to who i used to know and in all honesty he's a person that i dont like. im hoping this will change but otherwise i guess thats life.

On a lighter note, i just wanted to take a minute to say that I LOVE THE VOICE. finally a show that genuinely judges people on their voices... and i love the judges as well. they are all so talented but i definetely have a softspot for will i am and jessie j! Since im on the subject of TV i might as well mention BGT. its a shame that its not the show it used to be and i think hiring alesha dixon was the biggest mistake ever...i mean is she really what you would call talented? i havent forgotten 'the boy does nothing' or whatever that horrid song was. on the other hand i cannot emphasis the hilarity that is David Walliams! as always, i can never get bored of simon cowell who i loved since the first time i watched x factor but with his desperation to 'make it' in america, i feel like britain is no longer his priority which is a shame. and finally, i just have to say that ant and dec are possibly my favourite tv personalities EVER! so to finish off this post my song of the day:

Ryan O'Shaughnessy - no name (from BGT)

That is one lucky girl and i really think he could make takes guts to get on that stage and sing your own song, especially one that is so personal. but also...enough with the sob stories on talent shows these days :/

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